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Sasha is a character created for my Senior film, Oasis. She originally started out as a pirate during early concepts for the film. However, as the concept changed, so did her design, though she retained her small stature. Sasha is a sailor of the desert dunes. Being on her own, she has to find ways to survive in the harsh environment.



Jed is the brute strength of the thieving duo he and Deb make up. However, he's not too bright, and often is keeps many of their schemes from coming to fruition. He really tries though, and besides, Deb can't stay mad at him.


Don't let her small stature fool you, she's the leader. The brains of the duo. She's always planning their "next great heist", the one that'll finally set them for life. However, Jed tends to keep these plans from succeeding, much to her anger.

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